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Barzilai Medical Center Website

 Barzilai Medical Center Website

What is heart rehabilitation
Heart rehabilitation helps the patient to return to full function at work and home life, along with acquiring correct life habits
Breast Imaging Institute at Barzilai Medical Center continues a successful tradition
The Breast Imaging Institute is praised by the Ministry of Health, Israel Cancer Association and head of Early Detection Program.
Graduates of Nursing School celebrating end of studying
On Monday, 09/12/2011, the Barzilai School of Nursing at Barzilai Medical Center celebrated the graduation of year 2011 students of Registered Nurse studying.
Dr. Lobel lecturing the program members
Through workshop held this year, a mixed group of senior managers in the Israeli public administration service and leaders from Jewish communities in the U.S. and Canada visited Barzilai Medical Center.

Prof. Haim Yosefy Head of the Noninvasive Cardiology Unit
In an auditorium filled to the brim the third lecture in a series of lectures was held for cardiac rehabilitation patients and their spouses.
Donors and artists in the ceremony
In a moving ceremony attended by staff members, employees of the Child and Adolescent Unit, donors and children, murals donated by Anouk Foundation were inaugurated.

Dr. Helmaizer during procedure
Dr. Vladimir Helmaizer Head of Cardiac Electrophysiology Unit at Barzilai Medical Center implanted pacemakers in South Africa.
Clinic for hard healing wounds
New clinic for patients with hard cure wounds at the Barzilai Medical Center.
The Mashadi Persian Community in Great Neck adopts the Barzilai Medical Center
If you are like most, you’re always looking for a way to give back to our homeland of Israel.

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